I am not that bad!!!!

20 Feb 2022

We like to think the best of ourselves, I mean if we don't who will. This can cause us to construct an idealistic facade around our lives, you only need to look at social media to see evidence of this. The glossy, flashy, good parts are on show while the reality of our lives is not. The scary part is that we also can do this when comprehending the level of sin that is in our lives.

Join us as we look at the true nature of sin. We will open the Bible and study Luke 18:9-14. Let’s contrast the self righteousness of the Pharisee and the realistic world view of the tax collector. In doing so we will find the attributes of the tax collector that enable him to walk with God. The key is found in what it means to be covered by Jesus’ robe of righteousness.

Happy Sabbath. We hope you enjoy our time together, and thank you Dr Mark Falconer for sharing God’s Word with us today.