Losing Self, Gaining God

10 Sep 2020

If there is one thing we are all good at, it is making sure we look out for No. 1. The truth is that we have at some stage, maybe we still do, had an inflated view of ourselves due to an over fed ego. Rameses, Pharaoh of Egypt, had a very inflated ego and it can still be seen today through his status and building campaigns. The problem with ego, with self, with all of this, is that it doesn’t get us any further than right here and right now. To be successful in this life, we need to be able to move past it and into the promise that God has offered us. It doesn’t matter how good we are, how great we become or how much wealth we acquire. All that matters is how much faith you have in your Saviour, Mediator and Friend - Jesus Christ. We need to make it our aim in life to loose self and in doing so gain God.